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PVD-1B-24P-11AG Nachi Piston Pump PVD-1B-24P-11AG Nachi Piston Pump PVD-1B-24P-11AG Nachi Piston Pump PVD-1B-24P-11AG Nachi Piston Pump PVD-1B-24P-11AG Nachi Piston Pump PVD-1B-24P-11AG Nachi Piston Pump

PVD-1B-24P-11AG Nachi Piston Pump

Product Description NACHI solenoid valve, NACHI pressure relief valve, NACHI one-way valve, cylinder, oil cylinder, dew point temperature sensor, electric control valve,...
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  • PVD-1B-24P-11AG
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Product Description

Product Description

NACHI solenoid valve, NACHI pressure relief valve, NACHI one-way valve, cylinder, oil cylinder, dew point temperature sensor, electric control valve, proportional metering pump, pressure flow sensor, pulse dedusting valve, isolation diaphragm solenoid valve, clamp solenoid valve, analysis instrument solenoid valve, NACHI pressure control valve, NACHI flow control valve, NACHI Superposition valve NACH instrument valve, NACHI relief valve, NACHI throttle valve, NACHI directional control valve, NACHI gear pump, NACHI plunger pump

Japan NACHI no more PVD piston pump commonly used models:

PVD-0B-18P IPH-2A-3.5-11
PVD-0B-24P IPH-2A-5-11
PVD-1B-32P IPH-2A-6.5-11
PVD-15B-32P IPH-2A-8-11
PVD-0B-20P-6G-4939A IPH-2B-3.5-11
PVD-2B-40P-6G3-4165G IPH-2B-5-11
PVD-2B-40P-6G3-4515H IPH-2B-6.5-11
PVD-0B-24P-6G3-4191A IPH-2B-8-11
PVD-0B-18P-6G3-4191A IPH-3A-10-20
PVD-1B-30P-11G5-5088Z IPH-3A-13-20
PVD-1B-32P-11G5-4191A IPH-3A-16-20
PVD-1B-32P-11G5-5220A IPH-3B-10-20
PVD-2B-40P-6AG3-5220A IPH-3B-13-20
PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B IPH-3B-16-20
PVD-2B-50F-16G5-5220A IPH-4A-20-20
PVD-2B-50P-16G5-5220A IPH-4A-25-20
PVD-3B-54P-18G5-4185F IPH-4A-32-20
PVD-3B-56P-18G5-4191A IPH-4B-20-20
PVD-3B-56P-18G5-5220A IPH-4B-25-20
PVD-3B-60P-21G5-4750Z IPH-4B-32-20
PZ-2B-35-E1A-11 IPH-5A-40-21
PZ-2B-35-E2A-11 IPH-5A-50-21
PZ-2B-35-E3A-11 IPH-5A-64-21
PZ-2B-45-E1A-11 IPH-5B-40-21
PZ-2B-45-E2A-11 IPH-5B-50-21
PZ-2B-45-E3A-11 IPH-5B-64-21
PZ-2A-35-E1A-11 IPH-6A-80-21
PZ-2A-35-E2A-11 IPH-6A-100-21
PZ-2A-35-E3A-11 IPH-6A-125-21
PZ-2A-45-E1A-11 IPH-6B-80-21
PZ-2A-45-E2A-11 IPH-6B-100-21
PZ-3B-70-E1A-10 IPH-6B-125-21
PZ-3B-70-E2A-10 IPH-66B-80-125-11
PZ-3B-70-E3A-10 IPH-66B-100-100-11
PZ-3A-70-E1A-10 IPH-66B-100-125-11
PZ-3A-70-E2A-10 IPH-22B
PZ-3A-70-E3A-10 IPH-23B
PZ-4B-100-E1A-10 IPH-24B
PZ-4B-100-E2A-10 IPH-25B
PZ-4B-100-E3A-10 IPH-26B
PZ-4A-100-E1A-10 IPH-33B
PZ-4A-100-E2A-10 IPH-34B
PZ-4A-100-E3A-10 IPH-35B
PZ-5B-130-E1A-10 IPH-36B
PZ-5B-130-E2A-10 IPH-44B
PZ-5B-130-E3A-10 IPH-45B
PZ-5A-130-E1A-10 IPH-46B
PZ-5A-130-E2A-10 IPH-55B
PZ-6B-180-E1A-20 IPH-56B
PZ-6B-180-E2A-20 IPH-66B
PZ-6B-180-E3A-20 IPH-22B-3.5-3.5-11
PZ-6B-220-E1A-20 IPH-22B-3.5-5-11
PZ-6B-220-E2A-20 IPH-22B-3.5-6.5-11
PZ-6B-220-E3A-20 IPH-23B-5-13-11
PZ-6A-130-E3A-20 IPH-23B-5-16-11
PZ-6A-180-E1A-20 IPH-23B-6.5-10-11
PZ-6A-180-E2A-20 IPH-23B-6.5-13-11
PZ-6A-180-E3A-20 IPH-23B-6.5-16-11
PZ-6A-220-E1A-20 IPH-23B-8-10-11
PZ-6A-220-E2A-20 IPH-23B-8-13-11
PZ-6A-220-E3A-20 IPH-23B-8-16-11
PZS-3A-70N1-10 IPH-24B-3.5-20-11
PZS-3A-70N3-10 IPH-24B-3.5-25-11
PZS-3A-70N4-10 IPH-24B-3.5-32-11
PZS-3B-70N1-10 IPH-24B-5-20-11
PZS-3B-70N3-10 IPH-24B-5-25-11
PZS-3B-70N4-10 IPH-24B-5-32-11
PZS-4B-100N1-10 IPH-24B-6.5-20-11
PZS-4B-100N3-10 IPH-24B-6.5-25-11
PZS-4B-100N4-10 IPH-24B-6.5-32-11
PZS-4A-100N1-10 IPH-24B-8-20-11
PZS-4A-100N3-10 IPH-24B-8-25-11
PZS-4A-100N4-10 IPH-24B-8-32-11
PZS-5B-130N1-10 IPH-25B-3.5-40-11
PZS-5B-130N3-10 IPH-25B-3.5-50-11
PZS-5B-130N4-10 IPH-25B-6.5-40-11
PZS-5A-130N1-10 IPH-25B-6.5-50-11
PZS-5A-130N3-10 IPH-25B-6.5-64-11
PZS-6A-180N1-10 IPH-25B-8-40-11
PZS-6A-180N3-10 IPH-25B-8-50-11
PZS-6A-180N4-10 IPH-25B-8-64-11
PZS-6B-180N3-10 IPH-26B-3.5-80-11
PZS-6B-180N4-10 IPH-26B-3.5-100-11
PZS-6B-180N1-10 IPH-26B-3.5-125-11
PZS-6B-220N1-10 IPH-26B-5-80-11
PZS-6B-220N3-10 IPH-26B-5-100-11
PZS-6B-220N4-10 IPH-26B-5-125-11
PZS-6A-220N1-10 IPH-26B-6.5-80-11
PZS-6A-220N3-10 IPH-26B-6.5-100-11
PZS-6A-220N4-10 IPH-33B-10-13-11
PVS-0B-8N0-30 IPH-33B-10-16-11
PVS-0B-8N1-30 IPH-33B-16-16-11
PVS-0B-8N2-30 IPH-34B-10-20-11
PVS-0B-8N3-30 IPH-34B-10-25-11
PVS-0A-8N0-30 IPH-34B-10-32-11
PVS-0A-8N1-30 IPH-34B-13-20-11
PVS-0A-8N2-30 IPH-34B-13-25-11
PVS-0A-8N3-30 IPH-34B-13-32-11
PVS-1B-16N0-12 IPH-34B-16-20-11
PVS-1B-16N1-12 IPH-34B-16-25-11
PVS-1B-16N2-12 IPH-34B-16-32-11
PVS-1B-16N3-12 IPH-35B-10-40-11
PVS-1A-16N0-12 IPH-35B-10-50-11
PVS-1A-16N1-12 IPH-35B-10-64-11
PVS-1A-16N2-12 IPH-35B-13-40-11
PVS-1A-16N3-12 IPH-35B-13-50-11
PVS-1B-22N0-12 IPH-35B-13-64-11
PVS-1B-22N1-12 IPH-35B-16-40-11
PVS-1B-22N2-12 IPH-35B-16-50-11
PVS-1B-22N3-12 IPH-35B-16-64-11
PVS-1A-22N0-12 IPH-36B-10-80-11
PVS-1A-22N1-12 IPH-36B-10-100-11
PVS-1A-22N2-12 IPH-36B-10-125-11
PVS-2B-35N0-12 IPH-36B-13-80-11
PVS-2B-35N1-12 IPH-36B-13-100-11
PVS-2B-35N2-12 IPH-36B-13-125-11
PVS-2B-35N3-12 IPH-36B-16-80-11
PVS-2A-35N0-12 IPH-36B-16-100-11
PVS-2A-35N1-12 IPH-36B-16-125-11
PVS-2A-35N2-12 IPH-56B-40-100-11
PVS-2A-35N3-12 IPH56B-40-125-11
PVS-2B-45N0-12 IPH-56B-50-80-11
PVS-2B-45N1-12 IPH-56B-50-100-11
PVS-2B-45N3-20 IPH-56B-50-125-11
PVS-2A-45N0-12 IPH-56B-64-80-11
PVS-2A-45N1-12 IPH-56B-64-100-11
PVS-2A-45N2-12 IPH-56B-64-125-11
PVS-2A-45N3-20 IPH-66B-80-100-11

Japan's PVS series variable piston features:

1, greatly reduce wastage and save power.

By using the semi-cylindrical inclined plate specially designed by NACHI, the steady oil output can be maintained, the flow loss can be reduced, and the power can be used effectively according to the load cycle. Save energy, reduce power loss and achieve low production cost.

2. Smooth operation and low noise.

Muffler structures are used in slipper, swash plate and oil pan. Low noise is achieved, especially through semi cylindrical swashplate, which has stable operation characteristics and low noise at runtime.

Oil pump classification:

There are mainly two kinds of pumps: no more than two piston pumps, no two blade pumps, no two gear pumps.

No more piston pump:

PVS-0B, PVS-1B, PVS-2B, PZS-3B, PZS-4B, PZS-5B, PZS-6B, PZ-2B, PZ-3B, PZ-4B, PZ-5B, PZ-6B, etc.

Vane pump:

VDS-0A, VDS-0B, VDR-1A, VDR-1B, VDR-11A, VDR-11B, VDC-1A, VDC-1B, VDC-2A, VDC-2B, VDC-3A, VDC-3B, VDC-11A, VDC-11B, VDC-11B, VDC-12A, VDC-12B, VDC-22A, VDC-22B, VDC-13A, VDC-13B and other series.

No more gear pump:

IPH-2A, IPH-2B, IPH-2B, IPH-3A, IPH-3B, IPH-3B, IPH-4A, IPH-4B, IPH-4B, IPH-5A, IPH-5B, IPH-6A, IPH-6A, IPH-2A6B, IPH-2A6B, IPH-2A6B, IPH-22B, IPH-23B, IPH-24B, IPH-24B, IPH-25B, IPH-25B, IPH-25B, IPH-25B, IPH-25B, IPH-25B, IPH-26B, IPH-26B, IPH-26B, IPH-26B, IPH-33B, IPH-33B, IPH-24B Equivalent series.

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