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IPH-4B-32-20 NACHI Gear pump IPH-4B-32-20 NACHI Gear pump IPH-4B-32-20 NACHI Gear pump

IPH-4B-32-20 NACHI Gear pump

Product Description NACHI gear pump spot NACHI high-pressure internal meshing gear pump uses aluminum alloy shell with pressure up to 30MPA. It is simple in structure and...
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Product Description

Product Description

NACHI gear pump spot

NACHI high-pressure internal meshing gear pump uses aluminum alloy shell with pressure up to 30MPA. It is simple in structure and easy to maintain. It is widely used in high-pressure hydraulic machinery. IPH series gear pump company has a large stock. IPH series gear pump can also be combined into double pump to suit different application occasions. The product combination is flexible and selective. Rich.

NACHI gear pump produces high pressure of 30MPa {306kgf/cm2} efficiently by using axial and radial pressure load.

NACHI gear pump has excellent durability and very long service life.

NACHI gear pump reduces vibration and noise greatly by modifying the internal engagement of involute short teeth gear, and runs very quietly.

The NACHI gear pump is simple in structure and convenient for maintenance.

NACHI IPH series gear pump models are:



IPH gear pump

IPH-2A-3.5-11, IPH-2A-5-11, IPH-2A-6.5-11, IPH-2A-8-11,IPH-2B-3.5-11, IPH-2B-5-11, IPH-2B-6.5-11, IPH-2B-8-11,, IPH-6B-125-11

IPH-3A-10-20, IPH-3A-13-20, IPH-3A-16-20,,IPH-3B-10-20, IPH-3B-13-20, IPH-3B-16-20,,IPH-4A-20-20, IPH-4A-25-20, IPH-4A-32-20,

IPH-4B-20-20, IPH-4B-25-20, IPH-4B-32-20,IPH-5A-40-21, IPH-5A-50-21, IPH-5A-64-21,IPH-5B-40-11, IPH-5B-50-11, IPH-5B-64-11,

IPH-6A-80-21, IPH-6A-100-21, IPH-6A-125-21,IPH-6B-80-11, IPH-6B-100-11

IPH gear pump combination type

IPH-22B, IPH-23B, IPH-24B, IPH-25B, IPH-26B,IPH-33B, IPH-34B, IPH-35B, IPH-36B,IPH-44B, IPH-45B, IPH-46B,

IPH-55B, IPH-56B,IPH-66B,IPH-22B-3.5-3.5-11, IPH-22B-3.5-5-11, IPH-22B-3.5-6.5-11, IPH-22B-3.5-8-11,

IPH-22B-5-5-11, IPH-22B-5-6.5-11, IPH-22B-5-8-11,IPH-22B-6.5-6.5-11, IPH-22B-6.5-8-11,IPH-22B-8-8-11,

IPH-23B-3.5-10-11, IPH-23B-3.5-13-11, IPH-23B-3.5-16-11,IPH-23B-5-10-11, IPH-23B-5-13-11, IPH-23B-5-16-11,

IPH-23B-6.5-10-11, IPH-23B-6.5-13-11, IPH-23B-6.5-16-11,IPH-23B-8-10-11, IPH-23B-8-13-11, IPH-23B-8-16-11,

IPH-24B-3.5-20-11, IPH-24B-3.5-25-11, IPH-24B-3.5-32-11,IPH-24B-5-20-11, IPH-24B-5-25-11, IPH-24B-5-32-11,

IPH-24B-6.5-20-11, IPH-24B-6.5-25-11, IPH-24B-6.5-32-11,IPH-24B-8-20-11, IPH-24B-8-25-11, IPH-24B-8-32-11,

IPH-25B-3.5-40-11, IPH-25B-3.5-50-11, IPH-25B-3.5-64-11,IPH-25B-5-40-11, IPH-25B-5-50-11, IPH-25B-5-64-11,

IPH-25B-6.5-40-11, IPH-25B-6.5-50-11, IPH-25B-6.5-64-11,IPH-25B-8-40-11, IPH-25B-8-50-11, IPH-25B-8-64-11,

IPH-26B-3.5-80-11, IPH-26B-3.5-100-11, IPH-26B-3.5-125-11,IPH-26B-5-80-11, IPH-26B-5-100-11, IPH-26B-5-125-11,

IPH-26B-6.5-80-11, IPH-26B-6.5-100-11, IPH-26B-6.5-125-11,IPH-26B-8-80-11, IPH-26B-8-100-11, IPH-26B-8-125-11,

IPH-33B-10-10-11, IPH-33B-10-13-11, IPH-33B-10-16-11,IPH-33B-13-13-11, IPH-33B-13-16-11,IPH-33B-16-16-11,

IPH-34B-10-20-11, IPH-34B-10-25-11, IPH-34B-10-32-11,IPH-34B-13-20-11, IPH-34B-13-25-11, IPH-34B-13-32-11,

IPH-34B-16-20-11, IPH-34B-16-25-11, IPH-34B-16-32-11,IPH-35B-10-40-11, IPH-35B-10-50-11, IPH-35B-10-64-11,

IPH-35B-13-40-11, IPH-35B-13-50-11, IPH-35B-13-64-11,IPH-35B-16-40-11, IPH-35B-16-50-11, IPH-35B-16-64-11,

IPH-36B-10-80-11, IPH-36B-10-100-11, IPH-36B-10-125-11,IPH-36B-13-80-11, IPH-36B-13-100-11, IPH-36B-13-125-11,

IPH-36B-16-80-11, IPH-36B-16-100-11, IPH-36B-16-125-11,IPH-44B-20-20-11, IPH-44B-20-25-11, IPH-44B-20-32-11,

IPH-44B-25-25-11, IPH-44B-25-32-11,IPH-44B-32-32-11,IPH-45B-20-40-11, IPH-45B-20-50-11, IPH-45B-20-64-11,

IPH-45B-25-40-11, IPH-45B-25-50-11, IPH-45B-25-64-11,IPH-45B-32-40-11, IPH-45B-32-50-11, IPH-45B-32-64-11,

IPH-46B-20-80-11, IPH-46B-20-100-11, IPH-46B-20-125-11,IPH-46B-25-80-11, IPH-46B-25-100-11, IPH-46B-25-125-11,

IPH-46B-32-80-11, IPH-46B-32-100-11, IPH-46B-32-125-11,IPH-55B-40-40-11, IPH-55B-40-50-11, IPH-55B-40-64-11,

IPH-55B-50-50-11, IPH-55B-50-64-11,IPH-55B-64-64-11,IPH-56B-40-80-11, IPH-56B-40-100-11, IPH-56B-40-125-11,

IPH-56B-50-80-11, IPH-56B-50-100-11, IPH-56B-50-125-11,IPH-56B-64-80-11, IPH-56B-64-100-11, IPH-56B-64-125-11,

IPH-66B-80-80-11, IPH-66B-80-100-11, IPH-66B-80-125-11,IPH-66B-100-100-11, IPH-66B-100-125-11,IPH-66B-125-125-11,

NACHI gear pump PVS and PZS series:

PVS-0B, PVS-1B, PVS-2B, PZS-3B, PZS-4B, PZS-5B, PZS-6B,PZS- (16/22/35/45/63/70/100/130/180/220...) Series of products

PVS-0B-8N0-30, PVS-0B-8N1-30, PVS-0B-8N2-30,PVS-0B-8N3-30, PVS-1B-16N0-12, PVS-1B-16N1-12PVS-1B-16N2-12,

PVS-1B-16N3-12, PVS-1B-22N0-12,PVS-1B-22N1-12, PVS-1B-22N2-12, PVS-1B-22N3-12,PVS-2B-35N0-12, PVS-2B-35N1-12,

PVS-2B-35N2-12,PVS-2B-35N3-12, PVS-2B-45N0-12, PVS-2B-45N1-12,PVS-2B-45N2-12, PVS-2B-45N3-20, PZS-3B-70N1-10

PZS-3B-70N3-10, PZS-3B-70N4-10, PZS-4B-100N1-10,PZS-4B-100N3-10, PZS-4B-100N4-10, PZS-5B-130N1-10

PZS-5B-130N3-10, PZS-5B-130N4-10, PZS-6B-180N1-10,PZS-6B-180N3-10, PZS-6B-180N4-10, PZS-6B-220N1-10

NACHI no less than the internal meshing gear pump through the use of patented axial and radial pressure load mode, high-efficiency generation of 30MPa (306kgf/cm2) high pressure.

NACHI internal gear pump has excellent wear resistance and long service life.

NACHI no less than internal meshing gear pump because of the modification of the involute short teeth gear for internal meshing, greatly reducing vibration and noise, very quiet operation.

The NACHI gear pump is simple in structure and convenient for maintenance.

IPH series oil pumps have various combinations, which can be combined into double pumps according to customers'requirements, and are suitable for various occasions.

NACHI IPH series gear pumps in Japan have been widely recognized by the market after being tested. With good noise control and long life guarantee, they have a very high cost performance ratio and have been applied to many occasions such as injection moulding machine, bending machine, shearing machine, die casting machine and so on.

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